Westport Benefits Group

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Westport Benefits Group
7 Pheasant Lane
Westport, CT 06880

t: 203 227 3738
f: 203 571 1272

Westport Benefits Group provides a broad range of services to support your 401(k) or other qualified plan. We enjoy relationships with all major vendors and, because we are independent, we are able to utilize the combination of product and service which is appropriate for each client. Our emphasis on fiduciary practices as the framework for any vendor or product is what separates us from most other providers.

Our services include:

  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Development and Review
  • Fund Menu Design
  • Mutual Fund, Collective Trust, ETF Search and Evaluation
  • Investment Manager/Vendor Search
  • QDIA Selection/Review
  • Peer/Industry Benchmarking
  • Complete Plan Fee Analysis
  • Ongoing Performance Monitoring
  • Participant Communication/Education Programs
  • Fiduciary Documentation

Whenever possible, we believe that Trustees should explore an "open architecture" arrangement for their plan, which includes a wide range of investment choices and styles. This enables Trustees to access active and passively managed funds as well as ETF’s and collective trusts, and provides fee transparency across the board.